Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

There are 3 types of SCBA, namely:

1. SCBA Rescue Unit which is used as a breathing apparatus when carrying out a rescue/rescue process or when carrying out a rescue/rescue process or when carrying out work in an environment contaminated with hazardous gases. The optimal time to use this type of SCBA is 30 minutes.

2. SCBA Work Unit is a type of SCBA that is used for about 10 minutes, and this type of SCBA is equipped with an air connector for other air reserve bottles. Because of the connection, this SCBA can be used for more than 30 minutes.

3. SCBA Escape Unit is an SCBA that is used to assist breathing when leaving a dangerous location to a safe location with a usage time of 10 minutes. This SCBA is often used to help victims who have been exposed to hazardous materials during evacuation. This SCBA is often called an emergency SCBA.

Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD)

Which consists of several parts, namely:

1. Compressed Air Cylinder

Compressed Air Cylinder is a cylinder containing about 600 liters of oxygen (O2). This oxygen supply is useful for giving at least 15 minutes of breathing time. With that time, it is expected that the wearer can find a safe place.

2. Pressure Indicator or Pressure Indicator

Pressure Indicator is to function as an indicator or indication of the remaining breathing time. With these instructions, users are expected to be able to plan and carry out their self-rescue process effectively. This indicator is generally equipped with an alarm.

3. Face & Hood

The face & hood is connected to the user's face, functioning to distribute oxygen. The hood covers and protects the entire head when performing self-rescue.

4. Visors

The visor is part of the hood cover. The visor must be made of anti-fire or fire-proof, and be able to help the user to see easily and clearly during evacuation, even in the most difficult and dangerous times.